Application data and its transfer to other devices.

AstroVizor uses several types of files that are available to the user and can be added, saved somewhere, or transferred to another device. These files include:

For databases and interpretation texts one can use nested folders.

These files are, depending on the device:

Internal database is in the file astrovizor.zbs On Android, this file is also stored in the internal folder, therefore, when copying to another device, it is better to rename it, and then connect it in the program in the Database menu (from the menu by double clicking on the time line).

On Android new versions (11, 12 and newer) the folder Android/data/ becomes inaccessible. In this case one should use the folder Android/media/com.semnon.astrovfr. In this case, if a file of one of the types is in the "media" folder, files of the same type in the "data" folder are not taken into account, i.e. files are used in one of the folders, and "media" takes precedence.