Chart 2

Chart 2 can be used for another transit or natal chart. It also can be used as progressions or direction chart, and solar or lunar return chart. Double click the time bar and select Derived chart. The natal data for this derived chart should be set in the Chart 1.


Directions (symbolic directions). All the planets and house cusps are moved forward at a mean rate, which could be: 1 degree per year; or 59'08" - the Naibod arc; daily Solar arc; 30 degrees per year; 360 degrees per year (Symbolic directions in the Solar return). One can choose zodiacal directions along ecliptic and equatorial directions along celestial equator. Also it is possible to move the house cusps in the same way as planets, or to calculate houses from the position of MC.


Progressions (Secondary progressions) are based on the theory that one day after birth corresponds to one year of life. For the house cusps calculation, there are several options: Fast houses - MC moves 361 degrees per year; or 1 degree per year; or daily solar arc per year; or Naibod arc per year. MC can be shifted by the arc of the zodiacal longitude or by the arc of the right ascension.


Return of the Sun, return of the Moon and returns of planets. For the case of returns of the planets, you can select the returning planet, the point of return as a planet or a house cusp of the natal chart, and the harmonic. If you need only conjunctions with the natal point use the harmonic 1, for returns at intervals of 30 degrees - harmonic 12.

Primary directions

Primary directions is the ancient method of astrological forecast, based on the motion of the planets relative to the horizon in the first hours of human life. It is assumed that one year of life corresponds to the rotation of the celestial sphere by one degree, which takes 4 minutes of real time. According to this method, events in life occur when a planet crosses a meridian or horizon, and also when it comes to a position that was occupied at birth by another planet.

To calculate primary directions, select Chart 2 or Double Chart, double-click the time bar to open the menu, where you select Derived chart, then Primary Direction. Chart 2 displays the movement of planets and zodiacal signs through the houses of the horoscope. Here the greatest interest is represented by the conjunctions of planets with angular points. A double chart shows the motion of the planets relative to their natal positions. Here are drawn aspects that are calculated through the positions of the planets in the houses.

In the Derived chart menu there is also a menu of settings for primary directions. It allows you to select the key for directions and some options: Without latitude, we use the projection of the position of the planet on the ecliptic. This is the so-called zodiac direction. Directions, taking into account the latitude, are called mundane. In this case, the positions of the natal planets in the houses will be repelled from the positions of the zodiac projections. The motion of the planets - take into account the change in the coordinates of the planets with time. The main significance is for the moon. The reverse direction is the rotation of the celestial sphere in the opposite direction. This corresponds to the positions of the planets before the birth of a person.