Basic operations

Time and location of the chart can be easily varied at any moment: click the time bar, after that vertical movements along the screen will alter the date or place, horizontal movements will select the element (year, month, coordinates, etc) to vary. Double click on time bar will display a menu, which allows to save and to open charts, to show keyboard to enter the time and coordinates, to search a city coordinates in the Internet, to select the time zone and current database. Databases in the format of QuickChart and ZET are supported. Create a folder named "astrodata" on SD-card, and put there the database files (*.qck and *.zbs).

To create a natal chart, input the time and location, and then save the chart. To enter natal data, you can use the keypad, which is accessible from the menu by double-clicking on the time bar.

The astrological chart can be stretched by the movement along the radius. Touch the planet, house sign or aspect line to see the information about it (time of exact aspect, ingressions of planets, aspects to the house cusps). Double click on a sign allows to go to the time of ingression/exact, and to search the interpretation of an element in the Internet. Interpretative texts marked up with ZET program format can be used. Create a folder named 'astrotxt' on SD-card and put there files with interpretations (*.txt).

First two icons on the upper bar allow to select the type of astrological chart or table. Descriptive text is provided for each type (click on the '?' sign). Rightmost icon opens the main menu, which allows to select planets, aspects, house system, type of Zodiac and modify general settings. Settings include the present location used for transits. It can be set to the location of the current chart. Menu of planets also allows to display antiscia on the ring of planets. Menu of aspects can display antiscia and parallels of declination as arcs between the planets.

Upper right corner of the chart shows the location. Tap on this area to select a city from the history of search. For natal chart, the option for Relocation chart is available. It lets to use the time zone of birth chart rather than time zone of new city.

Lower left corner of the chart indicates the Lunar day, the house system and type of Zodiac. Tap on this area shows the calendar of aspects and ingressions. Double tap on the Moon sign in the chart to access the schedule of Lunar days of the present month.