Privacy policy

AstroVizor does not collect personal data, that is it does not transmit any data to the application developers or third parties.

Personal data

AstroVizor allows to save the data related to the chart, this data includes person's name, date and time of birth, and location of birth (name, longitude, latitude, time zone). Person's name does not need to be a real name, it is used to identify a record. Records can be deleted by clicking the red cross in the menu displaying the list of persons. This data is stored in the file astrovizor.zbs (for Android: in the application private folder; for iOS: in iTunes shared folder). This file is not encrypted, it is a plain text document. The user can add other astrological data files in the QuickChart format (*.qck files) or in the ZET format (*.zbs files). AstroVizor uses this data to recreate astrological charts by the recorded person's birth data. The present data in Chart 1 (base chart) and Chart 2 (background chart) is stored in the application private folder (the history is not stored) and is used to recreate charts at the next program start. AstroVizor does not transmit the data mentioned above to the application developer or to the third parties. Astrovizor does not get any personal data from Android or iOS system.

Getting the user's location

AstroVizor can use current user's location to create the transit charts. By default, last known location is used, so the location is not determined at each application run. Current location can be altered in the menu "Default location" (from the "Settings" submenu of the application main menu), it allows to update location from the GPS or network services, or to use the location of the present chart as the current location. In the latter case AstroVizor will not get user's current location. AstroVizor stores the default location for transit charts in private folder, the history of locations is not stored. Information on the user location is not transmitted to developer or third parties.