Synastry analysis

This simple technique of synastry analysis is developed by the St. Petersburg Academy of astrology (author is S.V.Shestopalov). It is based on the study of 1800 married couples. The astrological houses are not taken into account, thus the precise time of birth is not very important. The analysis consists of 4 blocks: 1) Conflicts; 2) Love; 3) Friendship; 4) Happiness and unhappiness. Put the natal data of the partners into the Chart 1 and Chart 2. Full version is required to access Chart 2. The technique assumes the orbs of 8 degrees for the harmonious aspects and 6 degrees for stressful aspects. If you disable this option, the orbs of present chart will be used.

The study found that the constant conflicts between partners are the main reason for divorce. If there is no conflict, the couple usually remains together, even if they do not feel attracted to each other. In the horoscope, the conflicts are triggered by the tense aspects (conjuction, opposition, square) of the 4 planets: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto. First, we find the propensity to conflicts of each partner, it is defined by stressful aspects of these four planets in the natal chart. 3 or more disharmonious aspects point to the conflictual person. Planets with disharmonious aspects are called tense planets, they are pictured in red. The conflicts between partners are determined by the same aspects in synastry, wherein the aspect is not taken into account when both planets are not tense. It is believed that 3 or more of these tense aspects between the 4 planets of the partners lead to the inevitable breakdown in the relationship because of the conflicts.

Love occurs in the interaction of Moon and Venus in the horoscope of the man with Sun and Mars in the horoscope of the woman. Harmonious aspects create a stable sensual attraction, disharmonious aspects generate flashes of passion. For long-term alliances, disharmonious aspects are considered less favorable.

Psychological compatibility is determined by the participation of the following pairs: Venus and the Moon of one person with Venus and the Moon of another one, the Sun of one person with the Sun of another one. Venus is responsible for the kindness, sympathy, compassion, Moon gives kindness, care and attention, the Sun - common views on the world, mutual understanding. Harmonious aspects between these planets create psychological comfort and friendly relations. Disharmonious influence of the planets does not lead to serious inconsistencies and tear, but can spoil the atmosphere.

Harmonious aspects (including conjunction) of the Sun and the Moon of a person with Jupiter of the partner give to this person feeling of happiness and fullness of life. This is unilateral relation, the owner of Jupiter does not feel the same and can be not so happy in this partnerships.

Disharmonious aspects (including conjunction) of the Sun and the Moon of a person with Saturn of the partner give to this person feeling of misery, the pressure on the personality and psyche, humiliation. This is also unilateral relation.