Table of planets

The table shows various astronomical and astrological data for planets and house cusps. The columns can be customized by the menu of settings (the third icon from the right on the top bar). The following data can be displayed:

The menu allows to choose the system of rulership for triplicities, decans, terms and degrees.

Table of aspects

The values indicate the angular distance between the planets. The "+" sign means that distance is increasing, the "-" sign denotes decreasing distance.

The "+" sign after the sign of aspect means that this is a converging (applying) aspect, the "-" denotes a divergent (separating) aspect. The index "R" means "Refranation", that is an aspect starts to dissolve before becoming exact. The sing "A" is used for antiscion, and "||" for parallel of declination. Crossed sings are used for counter-antiscion and counter-parallel.